Three friends; Four continents; Forty countries.

Not many travel reviews out there get back to basics and really explain what it’s like to travel on a budget, with eyes wide open. So that’s exactly what we decided to do! Let’s face it, not many of us can swan about with Louis Vuitton travel luggage and lounge around in five star resorts.

This site will bring to you our honest interpretation of everything we encounter; sights and cities, people, accommodation, budget, local food, and general handy hints along the way.

Follow us on our trip of a lifetime, as we ditch the luxuries, live out of our backpacks, and share our awe-inspiring, challenging (and possibly downright awful) experiences whilst making our own way around the world.

We hope you enjoy travelling with us!

Your Truthful Travellers;

Ash, Katia and Sam.

Ashleigh, Katia and Samantha.


6 thoughts on “About

    • thetruthfultravellers says:

      Hi Richard!! Thanks for all your help on Tuesday; you’ll be featuring in our next blog post, so be sure to keep an eye out! Mariko’s website looks amazing! We absolutely look forward to hearing from her, if she has the time! Have an excellent weekend!- Ashleigh and Katia.


  1. Mariko says:

    Hi girls!!
    I’m Richard’s daughter Mariko.
    I’m sorry I was little late to contact you.
    I guess you’re leaving Japan today, but let’s conect on Facebook and meet up someday when you and I are in the same country😁
    Hope you enjoyed Japan, and good luck with everything!!

    Mariko Hayakawa


    • thetruthfultravellers says:

      Hi Mariko!
      We are still in Japan, currently in Kyoto and loving it! Thanks for your message, made our day! Be sure to let us know where to find your music! We will play it to people all over the world!
      Have a lovely day!
      Ashleigh and Katia


  2. Fiona Hedderman says:

    Girls! Fiona from Ireland here! Love love the blog… seriously professional looking too! Don’t know how ye had time to plan the travels and create the fancy website! It would take me the full 11 months to get the website of the ground!

    I hope Saigon is going well, will keep a close eye on the blog for the rest of your adventures. Hilarious reviews of Chinatown…..my favourite the Chinese chap in one of yere beds just taking a chance he wouldn’t get caught. One has to admire that type of spirit/gusto/…….other appropriate words!

    Will hopefully see you in Ireland in July, loved what ye were about and apologies for not getting to say goodbye properly. The usual drama of trying to find a room for $10 a night!

    chat soon,


    • thetruthfultravellers says:

      Hey Fiona!! So glad you like the website!!! We’re still working some links and kinks out!
      Saigon was really great, currently in Phnom Penh – Heading to Siem Reap tonight.

      You will DEFINITELY see us in Ireland in July! Wouldn’t miss it!
      See you soon!
      Ash, Sam and Katia xx


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