Foods to try

Food prices in Cambodia  were higher than we expected them to be. The average meal costing between $4-$5USD, which due to the Australian dollar being so weak when we visited, we had to add an extra 30% to every meal.


  • Friends Restaurant is a non for profit restaurant operating out of Phnom Penh (it also has sister restaurants in Siem Reap and Sihanoukville) Unlike other Cambodian restaurant, it serves western tapas with an asian twist of course. The tapas costs anywhere between $4-$5USD and is recommended that you order 2-3 plates for 2 people sharing. As there was 3 of us, we order 5 plates which was sufficient. And we ordered a dessert to share! All profits from the restaurant are invested back in the community and the students who train at the restaurant. They run social programs which support children’s futures, help them to become skilled young professionals within their community and support the local community

Friends restaurant is located on #215, St 13, Phnom Penh. For more information, please see the link below


Our Asian tapas feast at Friends

  • Connecting Hands was another non-for-profit cafe we tried. Located on 178 Street, we went here for breakfast one morning as it was around the corner from our hostel. Connecting Hands works with women and children who have been subjected to human trafficking and slavery. Breakfast meals cost us between $5-6USD/ $6.50-$8 and drinking (including coffes, smoothies and juices) set you back $3USD/ $4. For more information, please see the link below
  • Street 172 was where we ate most nights (apart from the Friends Restaurant) as it was in walking distance from our hostel and was full of choices. Each night we chose somewhere different, the only criteria being that they were busy (busy general means good) Our two favourite local dished her Fish Amok and Khmer Curry with chicken. Both dishes will set up back around $4USD/ $5.20 and are generally served with a side of steamed rice. Like most places throughout SE Asia, the menu at each place contained a mix of local food as well as western food (pizzas, pastas, burgers, fries etc)



  • There are loads of restaurants on and around Pub Street all offering traditional Cambodian food, as well as western foods (like most restaurants throughout SE Asia) for around the same prices (curry dish $4-5US / Spring rolls or rice paper rolls $3US / ice creams $2-3US) However, none of which were worth mentioning. We did love the fruit shake stalls offering delicious and dress fruit smoothies for $1US/ $1.30


If you are looking for something a little cheaper, head down to the night markets and look out for the street food vendors.




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