Phnom Penh is quite large city and the major sights and must sees are not within walking distance of each other. You can hire a taxi to take you from place to place but they are few and far between; the most common mode of transport is a tuk tuk.

You can hire tuk tuks as you go, but generally the better option is  to hire a one for a whole or half day. You will find that this option is better value and also less stressful. The driver will take you wherever you need to go (temples, major sights, banks, markets etc), wait for you and then take you to the next place.

Tuk tuk drivers can be found pretty much everywhere, outside your hostel, hotel, cafes, restaurants, and everywhere in between. We hired Saurom on our 2nd day in Phnom Penh who took us to the bank, the central market, the out to the killing fields (approx. 40km from the city centre), to the S-21 museum before dropping us back at the hostel. We paid $22USD/ $28AU for the whole day (10am- 5.30pm)

Us and Saroum

Us and Saroum

If you find a tuk tuk driver that you are happy with (like we did) and you are in Phnom Penh for a couple of days/ weeks, ask them if you could hire them for the next day or for as long as you need. 99.9% of the time, they will say yes (unless they have another booking) They will work with your itinerary, but will also happily show you around if you do not have any set plans.


  • Make sure you and your driver decide on a fair and reasonable price before starting so there are no issues at the end of the day.
  • Make sure your driver is wearing his helmet. If he is not and gets pulled over by the police, you will have to pay his fine. Not very fair, but those are the rules. So be conscious of the helmet!
  • If you ask to go somewhere for lunch they will take you to tuk tuk restaurants, slightly more expensive (as they get a small commission) but still delicious.

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