General Tips for Japan

  • Only smoke in designated smoking comes, do not smoke on the street
  • Soup and Coffee in the vending machines come out hot!
  • Y2000 notes are very rare, so if you get one keep it!
  • Look out for giant yellow and red Y280 or Y270 signs; all items on these restaurant menus are Y280 or Y270, including drinks!
  • Always look up!! There are restaurants and shops on every floor of every high rise.
  • Stations are major hubs; there are always plenty of shops, and restaurants especially in the main stations.
  • There is free wifi in all train and subway stations.
    • Some stations wifi (i.e. outside of Tokyo) require an access code. To get this code, send a blank email to – it will last you approximately a week or two before you need to send for another code

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