Japanese Foods to try

  1. Ramen: a Japanese noodle soup dish, often served with pork slices, soy eggs, bamboo shoots and/or fish cakes. ramen2
  2. Ochonomiyaki: a japanese savoury pancake, made with udon noodles, cabbage, egg and a variety of other ingredients. Topped with “Delicious Sauce” (as Scottish Grant dubbed it) The best place to try them is Nagatay in Hiroshima, approximately 20m from the bomb detonation site. 11178533_10153264019746974_114993763_n
  3. Aruba Soba: Thick noodles in a specially made sauce and spicy savoury oil, along with a blend of black shichimi (a blend of seven spices). We went to Nekomata, a small restaurant in Kyoto. This was actually the only place in Japan we found Aruba Soba in our travels.11160097_10153264030256974_1192211750_n 11169082_10153264029651974_1812272175_n
  4. Shabu Shabu: Thinly sliced beef/pork/other, accompanied by various other side dishes (bamboo shoots, bok choy, onion, etc) which you boil in a broth on your very own hot plate, dip in soy sauce, then eat. It’s slightly on the expensive side (approx AU$30pp) but absolutely amazing. 11054350_1022422327823815_4650783724527811016_n
  5. Y270 or Y280 Restaurant: This isn’t exactly a food, but they are the best place for cheap food and drinks!! They’re often found on upper floors of multi-level buildings, so don’t forget to look up and keep your eyes peeled for that Yellow and red sign!11164144_10153264041601974_1747335537_n

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