Kyoto Truthful Tips

  • Buses are great for tourists; they go to all main attractions
  • The bus timetables change on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays; some bus stops close, and you must find alternatives.
  • Buy a daily bus pass for Y500 per day. Take three buses and it pays for itself.
  • Not many local trains are covered by the JR Pass
  • Many sights are within walking distance, if you have a good pair of shoes and the time to wander.
  • Food is more expensive in Kyoto, because restaurants don’t need to be as competitive
  • Gion is the Geisha district
    • It is very rude to take photos of the geisha or maiko (geisha in training); it is also rude to ask permission to take a photo of them.
    • Look into all the doorways when you walk down the main side street of the geisha district; you may see the geisha inside!

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