Tokyo Truthful Tips

  • Get both the Metropolitan Subway Map and a Japanese Railway Map. Some stations are not listed on one, but may be available on the other.
  • The Government Metropolitan Building Observation Deck has free entry, and is a spectacular 360degree view. The Tokyo Sky Tree is Y3000 and Tokyo Tower ranges from Y900 to Y1600, depending which observation deck you want to enter.
  • Sky scrapers are the safest place to be during an earthquake; they are designed and re-enforced to withstand the shock. If you are on the street during an earthquake, run into a high-rise building.
  • You cannot get to Asakusa on your JR Pass (this is where Senso-Ji Shrine is located).
  • Tours of The Imperial Palace need to be booked in advance
  • Akihabara is best for electrics.
  • Shinjuku is the best district for bars and nightlife
  • The bar Jumangi 55 in Roppongi has Y1000 all you can drink for ladies; Y1000 “as many drinks you can drink in two hours”  for men. (this deal may change in the future, look it up before you go!)
  • The Golden Gai in Shinjuku is recommended, but keep in mind that some of the bars in the complex do not cater for westerners
  • Robot Show in Shinjuku: Y7000 for the show, meals and drinks are NOT included in the ticket price
  • Ueobei in Shinjuku is a cheap and cheerful place of lunch! (see this blog for further details )
  • The Cat Cafe Calico in Shinjuku is crap. Don’t waste your time, your feet, or your Y1000

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