Transport Tips

  • You CANNOT get a JR Pass inside Japan. You MUST apply for it outside of Japan, and allow a week for it to be processed. You can opt for your activation day when you use your JR Voucher at the pickup point.
  • JR Stations have designated line-up points for the doors. Line up here in preparation of boarding
  • Your JR Pass cannot be used for the subway. That being said, subway short trips are reasonably cheap, usually Y150-300 one way, depending on your journey
  • Stations close at midnight, and taxis are very expensive
  • Stations are major hubs; there are always plenty of shops, and restaurants especially in the main stations.
  •  There is free wifi in all train and subway stations.
  •  Some stations wifi (i.e. outside of Tokyo) require an access code. To get this code, send a blank email to – it will last you approximately a week or two before you need to send for another code
  •  Some Shinkansen have powerpoints, but don’t rely on all of them having them.
  •  Shinkansen Nozomi are NOT covered by the JR pass; you must take the Shikansen Sakura. Be sure to check the timetables before you go to the station!
  • is excellent for planning your JR trip.

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