The Bangkok mass Transit System/ Skytrain (BTS) is by far the best way to travel in Bangkok due to the ridiculous amounts of traffic on the roads. It seems that every hour is peak hour in Bangkok. The BTS has self service ticket stations which are very user friendly and tickets cost any where between 15 and 60 THB ($0.60 – $2.50AUD) depending how many stops you travel. Much like the Japanese rail system, they are very efficient, clean and of course, air conditioned.


Taxis can be a bit of hit and miss in Bangkok. Even though the taxi is labeled a “meter taxi’, trying to get the driver to turn the meter on can be a struggle. Many set a price so be prepared to haggle. If they don’t budge on their price, get out and find another one. Someone will take you eventually.


  • If there is no meter, always agree on a price before you start the journey.
  • If you go on the free way, you will need to pay the tolls as well as the taxi fare (generally about 50 THB/ $2AUD per toll)

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