Foods to try


  • We know its a big call, but we are going to put it out there… Best Pad Thai in Bangkok can be found on at ‘Nickys Pad Thai’ Khao San Road! Just a small thanks for the recommendation Carlos and Jamie!
A bowl was only 50 Baht/ $2AUD

A bowl was only 50 Baht/ $2AUD

  • Mango and Sticky rice would be another recommendation (50 THB/ $2AUD) delish and sort of healthy!
Best hat ever!

Best hat ever!

  • And don’t forget coconut ice-cream (35 THB/ $1.50AUD)
Home made coconut ice cream at Chatachuk Market

Home made coconut ice cream at Chatachuk Market


Bang Niang market had a great local street food section which we throughly explored over four visits. Our recommendations are:

  • Banana smoothies (50 THB/ $2) which turned into banana smoothies laced with white rum (our version of a banana daiquiri – 99 THB/ $4AUD)
Best $4 we ever spent

Best $4 we ever spent

  • Chicken skewers (3 skewers for 100 THB/ $4AUD)
  • Banana and Nutella crepes and pancakes (they are different and you should try both – each was 50 THB/ $2AUD)
Nutella and banana crepes

Nutella and banana crepes

  • Pad Thai (60 THB/ $2.50AUD)
  • Chocolate brownies  (35 THB/ $1.50AUD)
'Birthday Brownies' for Katia's Birthday

‘Birthday Brownies’ for Katia’s Birthday

  • Donuts (10 THB/ $0.40)
  • Chicken and pork satay (10 THB/ $0.40AUD for 1 skewer)

When we weren’t eating at the market, we tried a different restaurant each night, often using Trip Advisor as a guide. We ate at a couple of places right on the beach which were lovely, especially the place next to the Ramada Resort (the name escapes us), Rabeang Resturant and also Chong Fah were other stand outs.

Prices are pretty standard in most places with an entree dish (spring rolls, chicken satay, fish cakes) costing you between 80-100 THB/ $3-4AUD and a main dish (curry, fried rice, noodles, stir fry) costing you between 100-150 THB/ $4-6AUD. Seafood options can sometimes be a little more expensive, but nothing ridiculous (a couple of dollars or so)

As a splurge for Katia’s Birthday, we enjoyed a delicious dinner at Smile Restaurant which is voted #2 on Trip Advisor ( Smile is a French-Asian fusion restaurant is a little more expensive than many of the other restaurants in the area. We ordered 2 entrees to share (you must try the chicken and mozzarella cheese spring rolls) 3 mains (the fish fillets cooked in ginger Thai spices was our favourite) and a bottle of Thai wine which came to a total of 1800 THB/ $70AUD.

You must try the cheese and chicken spring rolls

You must try the chicken and mozzarella cheese spring rolls

Expensive for Thailand yes, but compared to what you would pay back in Australia, as absolute bargain such high quality and tasty food. The owner/ host Franck and all the staff at Smile add to the great atmosphere and were so incredibly helpful. We had never tried Thai wine before and were a little apprehensive in buying a whole bottle. Franck offered to give us another bottle of either French or Australian wine if we opened the bottle and didn’t like the taste.

As it was a celebration dinner for Katia’s birthday, we emailed them a couple of days before and they happily arranged a small birthday cakes and even a gift free of charge.

Who doesn't love free cake? Happy birthday Katia!

Who doesn’t love free cake? Happy birthday Katia!

We cannot recommend this place enough, just remember to book ahead via email or on their website above as they can be booked out some nights and turn away walk in guests.


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