Khao Lak is located approx. 60 km north of Phuket international airport. We organised a transfer though the resort on arrival because our research said that it could be quite difficult getting a taxi to take you to Khao Lak; and if you did they would generally over change you because of the distance.

The transfer from the airport in a private minibus cost us 2000 THB/ $80AUD for the three of us, and the return transfer only cost us 1500 THB/ $60AUD. A little expensive, but you don’t really have many other options. As alway, hotels and resorts generally over charge as they take a commission; another option is to get a price or two from the tour operators located in Khao Lak you might be able to find a better dealing

As our resort was well located, we walked to most places within Khao Lak. There are Songthaews that can take you where ever you need to go. Around Khao Lak, prices are generally between 150-200 THB/ $6-8AUD.

Bicycles and motorbikes are also available for hire for the day or week. A bicycle will set you back 100 THB/ $4AUD and a motorbike 250 THB/ $10AUD for the day.  Please make sure if you hire a motorbike (not just in Thailand, but anywhere) you have extra motorbike coverage on your travel insurance as most normal policies don’t cover motorbike accidents (touch wood)


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