Local Transport

Hoi An is a great place to wander the streets by foot, by bicycle or by scooter or motorbike. Almost every hostel, hotel and guest house have bicycles  to rent (bicycles will cost you 20,000VD/ $1.50 per day) and some have scooters and motorbikes as well, but if not there are hundreds of shops around that you will be able to rent one from (a scooter/ motorbike will cost you anywhere between 100,000 – 200,000VD/ $6.50 – $13 per day)

We tried bike riding and just hired them from our hotel. The roads in Hoi An are relatively flat so bike riding is easy but just please be careful of the cars and trucks that also occupy the roads. If you ride down to the beach, make sure you park you bikes in the signed parking areas and use the lock on the bike to secure it. You will need to pay the parking attendant 10,000VD/ $0.70 to keep an eye on the bike which is a small price to pay for secure parking.


Of a night time, some streets in the Ancient Town are ‘pedestrians only walking streets’ which is a nice change from all the motorbikes and scooters zooming around and honking their horns.

We took a taxi to and from the bus station to our hotel. They will try and over charge you so have an idea of how much it should cost you. Generally your hotel/ hostel will be able to to tell you how much you should pay if you email them in advance. Like Hanoi, even though the taxis say they are ‘metered taxis’, the taxi drivers will try and rip you off.


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