Cua Dai Beach in Hoi An is approx. 3 km from the centre of town and is an easy bike ride/ walk (if you can stand the heat) Parts of the beach have been sand bagged as the sand is slowly eroding so you have two choices of where to base yourselves. You can lay on the sand near the sand bagged area on your towels for free but have no clear and safe access to the water without climbing over the bags. Otherwise, you can hire a sun lounge under a bamboo umbrella with direct access to the beach. Each of the sun lounges belongs to a restaurant and the sun lounges cost you 20,000VD/ $1.50 each to hire. However, if you order food and/or drinks from the restaurant attached, you can use them free of charge. After looking at the menus, the prices were a little more expensive than other restaurants in Hoi An.


Cua Dai Beach

The Ancient Town of Hoi An is located on the Thu Bon Riverbank. On one side you will find waterfront dining, small cafes, street food and a mixture of clothing stores, tailors, souvenir shops, art galleries and historic temples  and museums. On the other side you will find a small night market, more street food and all the bars and clubs.

The river itself is quite lovely and you can take a small boat ride up or down stream or maybe even a dinner cruise on one of the larger boats.


Thu Bon Riverbank


If you have time, you can buy a ticket to explore some of the heritage sights within the old town. A ticket costs 120,000VD/ $9 (foreign tourists) or 80,000VD/ $6 (domestic tourists) with 85% of the proceeds going back into maintaining all the sights within the Ancient Town. The ticket gives you access to any 5 sights of your choosing. Some of the sights include – The Japanese covered bridge,  Cam Pho Communal House, History and Culture museum, Folk Culture museum, Old house that belong to families. For more information please visit or

Although not necessarily a ‘sight’ per say, Hoi An is renowned for its tailors. There are over 400 tailors within the city who can whip you up an outfit or two or ten. Most tailors work on a 48-72 hour turn around with 2-3 fittings. Prices vary depending where you go, but are substantially cheaper that getting something tailor made in Australia. For men, a suit will set you back around $100-$150USD and for the ladies, a cocktail dress will most likely cost you $50-$70USD. Suits and dresses aren’t the only thing you can get made, think winter jackets, jumpsuits, shorts, skirts and maybe even a wedding dress. If you over order and don’t want to carry all your new purchases around with you, they can even send them directly to your house for a small free.


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