Again, we were only in Hue for a day, so we had to prioritise the sights we saw. The Imperial Citadel was on the top of the list (entrance cost us 150,000VD/ $10). We went at around noon and which was not the best decision.  For one, it was ridiculously hot, and two, they have music and dance shows in the morning (at 10 – 10.30am) and in the afternoon (at 3.30 – 4pm) so we missed both of them. The tickets do not come with a map so make sure you have a good guide book or maybe even invest in a guide as the Citadel is not very well signed.


We walked around the citadel but you can hire a cycle to take you around. We were warned from our hotel to be careful when hiring the cyclos as they tell you one price at the beginning and then demand more money towards the end so please be careful. The same warning goes for the ferry rides along the Perfume River.

Although we didn’t get the chance to visit the beach, Thuan An Beach is only about 14km from the centre of Hue and was recommended by some fellow backpackers.


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